Inauguration of 4th Water Filtration Plant at CBR Town, Phase-I.

Islamabad 15th Jan 2022: Raja Khurram Nawaz, MNA, Chairman National Assembly Standing Committee on Interior has said that "Well aware of the issues of my constituents and residents of Housing Societies in Zone Five Islamabad."

He expressed these views while addressing the inauguration ceremony of the 4th Water Filtration Plant donated by Altaf Ahmed Bhat for CBR Town Phase 1 and later talking to the representatives of 13 Housing Schemes of Zone Five.

A committee of zone five housing schemes was also announced on the occasion, the first meeting of which is scheduled under the auspices of Chaudhry Asif. The committee will work together with MNA Raja Khurram Nawaz to solve the problems faced by the housing schemes and at the same time allocate funds from the government for the construction of Road Carpeting, Schools, Colleges and Hospitals in housing societies of zone five.

The function was presided over by Altaf Ahmed Bhat, President CBR Cooperative Housing Society, while Chaudhry Asif of PWD Society, Muhammad Tauqeer from National Police Foundation, Iftikhar Ahmad Khan from Sawan Garden, Mirza Ahmad Iqbal from Jinnah Garden and Raja Khurshid from Korang Town, Malik Hafeez from Media town were present on the occasion and raised the issues of their housing societies with MNA Raja Khurram Nawaz.

The first to identify problems is the ban on electricity and gas connections, Low Gas Pressure, Upgradation of Schools, construction of degree college, Roads carpeting, Carpeting of service road, construction of retaining walls on both sides or Sawan river, Permission for shared cemetery for all housing societies, Institutional barriers to LOP approval of societies and demands were made for implementation of amnesty scheme points.

Representatives of various societies demanded MNA Raja Khurram Nawaz to activate the commission formed for housing schemes last year and to make minor changes in them to regularize the societies of Zone Five.

The cemetery should be built within 25 km and the park adjoining societies should be allowed to join. Since these societies are 25 to 30 years old, their problems can only be solved through amnesty. They suggested.

Ban on utility connections be lifted immediately and that the revised LOP for the societies be approved so that the common people do not face any difficulty in building houses. The representative added.

There was a suggestion that because the surrounding area has become very expensive, land for a cemetery cannot be bought here, so MNA should help acquire cheap land somewhere, societies will contribute there, it was also suggested at the event that government funds be used for the construction and repair of roads of societies which are in public use.

If there is an obstacle to this, legislation should be made on it. The meeting was informed about the roads of Police Foundation that those roads have become dilapidated and action needs to be taken against them. With reference to the AGHOSH Society, it was demanded that the way be paved for elections there so that the problems of the members could be resolved.

On this occasion, MNA Raja Khurram Nawaz said that I am not new in this constituency. Yes, I have got votes from the societies. Solving their problems is my first duty. There are mafias in some societies, so I do not go there despite the invitation from them. I have not received any complaint from CBR Town till date. He said that a large diameter gas pipeline from Rawat to Faizabad has been spared, which will soon provide connections to all the societies. As far as LOP approval is concerned, a joint strategy can be worked out and discussed with the CDA.

MNA Raja Khurram Nawaz added that, Societies should have taken action on shortcomings, CDA should have taken over societies after 70% development which couldn't be done. "Tell us the plots of schools and hospitals are vacant, We will approve the funds there," he said, referring to Iftikhar Khan of Sawan Garden We will talk to the authorities about retaining wall on both sides of the Sawan river.

We have built Islamabad Model School in Pakistan Town at a cost of Rs. 34 crore in which classes will start soon. The PWD Interchange is in the final stages of construction which has saved millions of citizens from the constant clutter of traffic jams. This is the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Tender is being held to widen the narrow road beyond Gulberg. Talks have been held with the Railway Ministry for the railway bridge.

I am also thankful to Asad Omar for his guidance and help, He provided all possible guidance and assistance. He added.

I thank Prime Minister Imran Khan and Asad Umar for resolving the issue of Korang Bridge and PWD Interchange. New gas pipelines were laid there. Gas operations were halted because supplying gas to consumers in the winter is a major problem. He added.

Earlier, President CBRECHS and host of the program Altaf Ahmed Bhat said that MNA Raja Khurram Nawaz has done a lot for the societies of Zone Five and the people of his constituency.

We demand that the development funds of local government and MNAs should also be spent within the societies so as to reduce the financial burden on the societies. Altaf Ahmed Bhat said that the sole purpose of bringing the representatives of all the societies before MNA Raja Khurram Nawaz today is to bring out the common problems of all the societies so that help can be sought from the government for their solution.

With the efforts of Raja Khurram Nawaz, a new Sui gas pipeline has been laid from Rawat to Faizabad with the sole purpose of keeping the gas pressure of the societies separate and soon residents will not have to face low pressure.

Amnesty has come for Irregular schemes. The former NAB chairman had stopped the CDA director from calling the societies illegal.

The former chairman of NAB said that if societies are illegal then why CDA has allowed them to be formed and developed. President CBRECHS added.

Our LOP was approved in 2009 which included a cemetery and a park that had been encroached upon and is no longer there. If I buy 70 kanals of land nearby, it becomes Rs. 70 crores, but from this calculation, we shall have to charge Rs. 350,000 per member. How can I take so much money from my members to buy a cemetery? President CBRECHS Altaf Ahmed Bhat added.

He said that the amnesty states that a cemetery should be provided at a distance of 25 km, but the CDA does not have such a cemetery at such a distance, while there are only two cemeteries in the whole of Islamabad.

Now they have kept the cemetery within 10 km while with the efforts of Raja Khurram Nawaz it will be again within 25 km. We have bought land in Rawat, Mandra.

He further said that, Together with Al-Khidmat and a private foundation, we built Al-Razi Hospital and built a school at a cost of around Rs. 50 crore. However, now we also demand the government to release some government funds for which Raja Khurram Nawaz should play a key role.

President Bhat added that, there is a plot in PWD where there is an urgent need for a women's college where female students can study. All societies hope that by the time Raja Khurram Nawaz visits again the societies will have succeeded in resolving the issue of Sui gas, graveyard, park and other important issues.

Raja Amir from PWD housing society, CBR Finance Secretary Omar Farooq, Vice President CBRECHS Fahim Anwar Burney, Executive Member CBRECHS Saeed Baig, Executive Member CBRECHS Shakeel Shah, Executive Member CBRECHS Muhammad Nakir Shah, Major Abdul Qayyum, GM CBRECHS Sheikh Ghulam Shabbir, Malik Naeem of Java, Akhlaq Awan, Chaudhry Muhammad Ali were present on the occasion. Former UC Chairman, Prof. Zaheer, Huma Ayub, Saeed Khokhar, Abdul Ghani Samim Bilal Khan, Aqeel Ahmad Tareen, Prof. Sheikh Athar, Malik Hafeez, Haji Muhammad Farooq, Rasheed Khan, Chaudhry Shabbir, Advocate Pervez Ahmed, Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din Dar, Col (Retd) Imtiaz, Engineer Chaudhry Muhammad Afzal, Abdul Latif Dar, Hammad Mir, Amjad Mir, Malik Yusuf Awan, Farhan Yusuf, Sardar Azeem, Malik Hundreds of dignitaries including Hassan, Sheikh Abdul Matin, Aziz Malik Abdul Latif Dar, Atif Bukhari, Ahtisham Mir, Bashir Usmani, Raja Shaheen were present.

Water Filtration Plant Ph-I.

Water Filtration Plant Ph-I.

Water Filtration Plant Ph-I.

Water Filtration Plant Ph-I.

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